Hello! I’m an award-nominated sound designer, radio producer and composer. Here’s my CV. If you would like to contact me, email me at: ldobbscontact@gmail.com

Instagram(s): @lxdoob / @badtemperate | LinkedIn

Lewis Dobbs · Music Showreel
Lewis Dobbs · Commission Showreel
Lewis Dobbs · Radio + Podcast Showreel



Award-nominated entry for Scottish Soundscape Prize 2022

Artists & Repertoire for npm-label

Music releases: Xavier Out! / palewater / Lewis Dobbs

OST Commission – I Feel Love

OST Commission with Bronze Clock Productions

Voluntary Writer for The Pit LDN

Voluntary Writer for Warwick University’s Newspaper, The Boar

Music Reviews on rateyourmusic.com


1020 Radio Residency AGHAST FM

Co-head of Music at Warwick University’s Radio Station, RAW1251AM

Camera Operator/Technical Producer for RAW Visual Events

Award-nominated Interviewer for Student Music Network


Video & Audio Producer for Innovation, Leadership & Creativity Series

Audio & Video Editor for Strangers By Nature Podcast

Warwick Racing Videographer

Photograpy Residency with Kamena Magazine


Performer Coordinator/Sound Engineer for OAF! Leamington Spa

Event Runner for Youth Music Awards 2022

Digital Crystalline – A VR wellness and nature project

Work Experience with Atomized Studios, Freuds

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